PANO Annual Conference 2010

Thank you to all of the participants, presenters, exhibitors, and sponsors for making both days a success. 

I really had a great time networking with members, being inspired by Robert Egger, and learning new things at our workshops.

Jeanine Buford demonstrated that even non-techies know a lot about their technology needs and empowered us to insure that we buy services/equipment that we truly need.

Kathy Campbell gave a great update on healthcare trends and provides some insights into the new healthcare legislation.

Don Kramer and Deb Stock shared information on the due diligence that is needed for mergers and/or collaborations.  I personally found it helpful to learn about the different ways/levels organizations can partner together and the risks and benefits that each opportunity bring. 

What did you learn and/or take away from the event?

p.s. Watch for photos and follow up information soon.

2 thoughts on “PANO Annual Conference 2010

  1. As a PANO intern I was able to experience and assist with both the annual conference and Advocacy Day on the Hill for the first time. Though I was up at the crack of dawn to help PANO with both events it was worth it! I found both events to be truly meaningful experiences and was able to gather useful information that I will carry with me. At the conference I was excited to meet Robert Egger, the keynote speaker and President of the DC Central Kitchen, mainly because of the role he plays within the nonprofit sector. As I listened to Mr. Egger I learned the importance of all nonprofits coming together in this downward economy to fight for the common goal of serving our surrounding communities and citizens. The take-home message I received from Mr. Egger was that, as a sector if we want survive and push forward we need to work together for the good of society, and not get hung up solely on our individual missions and objectives. I thank PANO for providing me the opportunity to experience such a noteworthy event within the nonprofit community!

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