Spotlight on member Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery

PANO Summer Intern Jade Eichner of Penn State Harrisburg interviewed our member and provided this spotlight:

Houses line the streets of inner-cityHarrisburg. Many have windows and doors that are boarded up and some are lived in but un-kept.  Buildings are dirty, small and squished together.  In this mix of warn houses and neglected lawns are human beings yearning for something more; a second chance perhaps. 


There are many neighborhoods like this but one in particular has a place, a rose in the thorns if you will, that can give people this second chance.  This rose of soft petals and sweet-smelling hope is a safe haven in the thorns of neglect.  Specifically, it is a small brick building that gives shelter to those who struggle with the disease of addiction and want to manage it.


This building is the home of Daystar Center for Spiritual Recovery.  It is a nonprofit organization where males can go to get clean from drugs and alcohol. Daystar, “empower persons to overcome the devastating effects of substance abuse through spiritual resources, positive relationships, therapeutic counseling and practical aid” (  Clients are given a safe place where they can change, find or reconnect with their spirituality. 


PANO supports organizations like this.   In fact, Daystar has been a member of PANO since 2001.  Rich Ryan, executive director of Daystar, speaks highly of PANO.  “The educational pieces are really excellent stuff,” he says, sitting in a cushioned chair away from his desk.  There are stacks of papers around his office showing he’s a busy man.  In the mess of his busyness is where PANO steps in.  They give him a way to add structure to his center and make his life easier.


“They help address the basic needs of a nonprofit,” Ryan says.  PANO provides guidance and support so he can concentrate on the best part of his job which he says is, “seein’ people [clients] get it.” Meaning clients get the fact that spirituality is the way to overcome addiction.  Ryan continues to say that the basic changes he sees in clients when they work through the program is, “they become open-minded and they ask for help.”


Daystar helps communities and makes a difference in people who want to open a new door.  PANO offers discounts, products and services to Daystar as Daystar continues to change client’s lives.  They have helped Ryan to find insurance, a broker and stay informed about up-coming seminars and events. PANO is proud to support nonprofit organizations like Daystar and will continue to do so for years to come.

Learn more about this agency at


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