Message from PANO’s new Executive Director Anne Gingerich, MSW

On my First Friday as PANO’s Executive Director, I would like to paint my vision—my hope for our Commonwealth’s nonprofit sector and how we can work together in new, powerful ways. PANO has so much potential for championing unprecedented, positive change in Pennsylvania cities, towns and neighborhoods—but only in partnership with each of you. 


With well over 50,000 community organizations in 67 counties, our transformation will not happen with one person, one organization or one idea.   We must come together to generate a plethora of ideas and from those ideas, identify collective solutions to neighborhood problems.  We must be brave enough to have frank conversations so that we can come to true consensus. We must break down the walls between the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors—finding ways to eliminate barriers to high quality of life. Together, we will create something different than what we can create on our own.  Together, we can uniquely make a difference.


I can’t wait to meet with each of you, to listen to your stories of change–your stories of impact.  I want to learn about your ideas and your struggles in making your dreams a reality.  I want to hear about tools and resources that you have to share and those you still need so that PANO can better walk alongside you.  I can’t wait to help you create the change you want to see.  


Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 717-236-8584 x1007 or at

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